Kalpavruksha is located at chunchanakuppe, Near Big Banyan Tree, which is in outskirts of Bangalore city. Surrounded by fully greenery, Serene Green Home makes a pleasant environment for everyone. Though on the main road but there is no noise from the road to disturb.

For any emergencies that may arise, we are situated close to many well-known hospitals around and can receive quick assistance.

Kalpavruksha is suitable for those:
Post-operative (Surgery) care patients/ Care after Discharge from Hospital
Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Bedridden patients
Suffering from paralysis.
Suffering from chronic diseases
Staying alone and dependent for care.
Requiring rest along with medication.

Kalpavruksha we are there to serve by reaching you at the time you need the most care and support. We are a Hospice- Out, at KALPAVRUKSHA ,HEALTH CARE CENTER REHABILITATION , NURSING CARE CENTER ,Home of retired Person, Assisted Living Facility, Respite Care, Diabetic, B.P. Checkup, Long Term care, Handicapped, Mentally Retarded/Disabled, Dementia Care, Alzheimer Care, Parkinson Patients Care, Hospice Care, Palliative Care, Bedsore/wound Dressing, Bedside Nursing, Paralytic Care, 24/7 Nursing Care With Neat & Hygienic Facility, Bedridden Care and stroke Rehabilitation shelter home focusing on palliation of terminally ill patients' and Home for Senior.Patients here are given a lot of loving care, medical supervision,. Spacious rooms, compatible furniture, companionate caregiver, hygienic environment, 'like-a-home cooked' meals & feeds, laundry facility, and maintenance services are some feature of our Centre. We also take into consideration the health and safety requirements of every patient or senior citizen.
Hospice care originated centuries ago and has been revamped as time went on. The modern concept of hospice today refers to palliative care for terminally ill patients given in institutions as in-patient care. Our services are offered at both, residential Hospice center & at Home care. At Home care the patient and family prefer being in their homes, with associated help and care. And at Kalpavruksha Hospice, where it is just like a second home for patients or seniors, they get special care & attention from trained caretakers. So the family do not need to look into their daily care needs, rather they are welcomed by us to spend quality time at Kalpavruksha with them. In short, a Kalpavruksha hospice care ensures that the transition from the living to the other world is achieved peacefully, amidst loved ones and with dignity.

  • Narayana swamy

    I had admitted both of my parents at Kakpavruksha senior’s home as they had BP Sugar and Medical Problems. Here the care is very nice. We had good experience with the caregiver. The level of care and the compassion and caring spirit was Superb Wonderful. Here caretakers are incredible. Wow I can only hope to be so lucky to be a part of this organization.

  • subramanya bhat

    I had joined my 82 year old mother in this organization. My experience was outstanding. Thank you for Taking Care of her very well by treating her kindly she started walking here she was immobile when she was admitted to the center so I just want to thank you guys.

  • Deepak Shrama

    Kalpavruksha Care is best if you or your loved one need a good nursing service. Their Nurses and Doctors are excellent, Best caring and on the whole, it is much cheaper than those pocket burning hospitals bills. I would recommend This Health Care to all for their medical needs. Great going Kalpavruksha Health Care. Keep It up.

  • Sudha natarajan

    We went to Kalpavruksha Home and their parent home saw and felt satisfaction. It is clean and Hygienic in all its respects. We are happy to see the care taken by the Nurse Doctor here with complete utmost concern. All the best!.

  • Unnikrishnan

    Kalpavruksha Retirement Home is an organization which is for the need for the society in today's era. It is so trustworthy neat and clean that you can keep your loved ones/ aging parents here without any hesitation. They provide Good care. They are working in a superb awesome way. Lots of wishes to the full team.

  • Getha Mandanna

    I am very much thankful to the staff and Doctors for their timely help in the hard situation of my Mother‘s bad health. All are very kind hearted towards the patients they treat. I found these are godly & divine quality they hold me at the time of Admission!.

  • Saraswathi Bangalore

    My dad was bedridden and was taken very good care here. Genuine team. Hygienic and neat place.

  • Di Gan

    The Nursing Home with Best Food and Accommodation for All kind of people.

  • David George

    Really Great Humanity Service FROM KALPAVRUKSHA Old Age Home Organization lot OF support REQUIRED FROM all OF US. I pray god Let this organization carry on this kind of Service for thousands of years. Really God Will bless them!!

  • Guru Prasad

    Excellent Fantastic, Marvelous, Super Service Form Kalpavruksha Organization. I have traveled Across Globe but this is the Best. Got Good services , 24/7 Nursing Care, Doctor Care and Good Food Accommodation. Thank them. My Best Wishes to them.

  • Rakesh

    The Place is very nice, the service is very good, people around are very nice and nurses are very nice, food is served to the room all are treated very well from last 28 years.

  • Kiran kumar

    This is Excellent Care Centre, almost like Nursing Home or hospital, giving great care to people who get old, and cannot do things on their own, and their own families might find it tough to cater to their basic daily needs. For such people, this Kalpavruksha Centre provides excellent care, upholding human dignity Great Service.

  • Fly John

    Excellent service kind & good hearted people from Kalpavruksha. Offering very better-quality services. Hats off to them May God Bless Them..

  • Sandya Reddy

    One of Very few Care centre for Alzyimers syndrome and Parkinsons syndrome. Caring is good

  • Gangadar Gowda

    Very professional and quality service provided to my uncle who was admitted here as Residence here. The staff Doctor and Nurse was very reliable and caring. The management was really helping us out and their Care Management System really helped in my uncle’s recovery fast. I would definitely recommend their service.

  • Sreekaantha Sundareshan

    The Care and service is good , I had left my mother in another place but they charged more and the maintenance cleanliness was not good but here she is happy I am happy this place is clean neat and hygienic, so i can and have to say hats off with thank you to this organization ,God bless you all.

  • Hari Krishna

    I found the place hygiene & clean. I have had great experience with Kalpavruksha & hope my mom (who was admitted here) too had the same. I brought my aunt on a stretcher trolley & took her back walking..!